That’s why I like to think of Christ the coming King as the real Talisman that the world has been in search of, and more so in the original sense of the word, which connotes the completing factor of a thing. He is not just the one with the “magical touch” to bring about the much sought for global peace and security – to create “order from chaos,” as the Masonic slogan goes – but His physical presence is literally the missing element of the human experience that great thinkers have recognised. He is the irreplaceable Capstone, or Headstone, needed to complete the human pyramid, without which mankind will remain and unfinished work and never realise its full potential. “This is the stone which was set at nought of you builders [delegates to the United Nations], which is become the head of the corner” (Acts 4:11).

As we will begin to fully appreciate in the next chapter, the consequence of Christ’s divine presence during the Millennium will transcend the realm of world politics, reaching into every sphere of human endeavour. As the incarnate “Word” of Infinite Intelligence that illuminates men (John 1:1,14), He is indeed the “Lost Word” or “Lost Symbol” that ambitious souls of diverse persuasions have been in the quest of – the “Verbum significatium”[1] to ultimate realisation. As I noted earlier, the political power of the Elders is just one aspect of the “power over the nations” that the saints will exercise in the kingdom. These saints, as we will discover, will be the mediums for channelling the diverse workings of His immense power and infinite potentials.

[1] An apparent Latinate coinage of Dan Brown in The Lost Symbol, meaning “password.”