It’s finally out! 
Discover the coming global revolution and the custodians of the destiny of our world and planet!

As increasing global crises threaten the world with chaos and the inevitability of the Apocalypse, The Global Destiny People makes a revolutionary rediscovery of the biblical forecast of a millennium of incomparable global rebirth. This book unveils how the coming global reinvention will be spearheaded by the “Armies of Heaven,” a biblical term shown to indicate an extraordinarily powerful global organization, the “Zion Missionaries,” composed of Jesus Christ and His redeemed saints. With engagements reaching into every area of human endeavor, the ultimate goal of the Zion Missionaries subsequent to their empowering encounter with Angels is the radical reordering and post-Apocalypse rebuilding of the entire earth, the conquest of mortality and the ushering in of eternity.

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NB: The book is the first in a trilogy. The originally proposed single book was referred to as The Evolution of Eternity in previous articles on this site.