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NB: I’m yet to resume regular posting on this site since my relocation to commence my Master of Divinity program at the West African Theological Seminary. But I thought it would be interesting and worthwhile to share my first paper at the seminary with you. Coming to think of it, the subject and content of the article are closely kindred to the primary interest of this site. Blessed reading to you. Preamble Spiritual warfare is a subject in Christian discourse that evokes a variety of emotions. The attitudes and ideas that it generates are as diverse as those of Christianity itself. As with all Christian questions, however, the Bible should be our recourse in any attempt at an objective examination. A Contextual Definition To my mind, spiritual warfare is the conflict and duel with evil spiritual powers into which a person enters by virtue of his salvation experience, which is redemption from the power of sin and death by the Blood of the Lord Je


THE KINGDOM HERALD has been away for some time due to my relocation here in Lagos. I’ll be commencing a Master of Divinity program at the West African Theological Seminary this month and had to move close to the school. Settling down has been very hectic, more challenging than I envisaged, and things were compounded by the challenges I am facing connecting to the Internet at my new place. But I am beginning to find a rhythm and get a handle on things. I’m sending this from the balcony of my ground floor apartment, where I’ve been able to catch a sufficiently strong signal. Of course working out here is awkward and inconvenient, but I’m making progress and things can only get better. The indications are that I might have to switch to another network service. Pray with me. All things are working together for our good (Romans 8:28). THE KINGDOM HERALD will be fully back very soon by His grace. Of course our previous articles are always relevant and y