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When we consider the extensive range of expertise that we have made out among the redeemed saints of the Royal Priesthood that will mediate the divine-know-how and dominate the global society of the promised earthly kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ, it can only start us thinking of the diverse and countless organisations, institutions and establishments that it would take for them to be fully demonstrated and exploited. It also raises the question of how this huge and multifaceted activity will be managed. To have a glimpse of my vision of what is ahead of the world along these lines, I want you to take the best establishments in every facet of human activity of the present time – in government and religion, commerce and industry, science and technology, education and human development, art and entertainment, and what else have we. Greatly upgrade the working conditions and the quality of products and services. Greatly multiply their number. Then imagine the whole thing being own


Today I will be sharing with you a direct excerpt from the manuscript of my coming book, THE COMING GLORY . This would help lay a foundation for a better appreciation of what I originally had in mind to write about, which I am now putting off till next time. God bless you as you read – and be sure to let me have your thoughts, which would help in producing the best book possible. ******************************** They are not the builders of skyscrapers, highways and bridges. Neither are they the builders of industrial plants and machinery. Not exactly, at least. Those responsible for such, as was just made out, are the thinkers and tinkerers. Those in the spotlight here are the titanic builders of business empires – the tycoons of our world! “Where no oxen are, the crib is clean: but much increase [wealth] is by the strength of the ox”! They are the present day counterparts of the redeemed members of the Royal Priesthood Order of the Ox, the “creators of wealth and funds”! Although m


In my article I Will Restore , I observed how the believer must beware of the adversary’s offer of compromising opportunities to realise his visions and aspirations. The point is that, while we have a responsibility of pursuing our godly visions in the present life, should the “open door” we encounter require us to compromise on our Christian values, we should content ourselves with what we can righteously accomplish and take consolation in the promise of incomparable restoration in the coming earthly kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ . A similar thing applies to the corporate body of believers, more so as we witness an increasing quest by the professing Church to pluck millennial fruits ahead of the season. Folks are seeing the vision of the great exploits the “sons of God” are to do on God’s Green Earth, but unfortunately they are not giving diligent heed to the written Word that outlines the divine plan, by which our Lord and Saviour overcame a similar snare (see John 6:14,15;18:36)