As the global society is reinvented during the Millennium of the promised earthly kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ, with the benefit of the lessons learnt from the mistakes of the present time, practically every kind of activity and industry that we have today will be revived, upgraded and perfected to bring out the best of the “knowledge of the Lord” that will be diversely invested in the redeemed saints who will dominated the new world order of that time. In my previous article, I shared my vision of how the countless and diverse organisations that would be required for this purpose will constitute a super global organisation, THE ZION MISSION.
If you caught the vision that I attempted to project in that former article, it can only start you thinking about the glorious life, wonderful career opportunities and possibilities for adventure and pleasure that such a huge multinational institution has in store for the redeemed saints, the Zion missionaries. Remember that they will also be free from the uncertainties and fears that characterise the present life. Yes, if there ever were such things as dream jobs, they are perfected in the kinds that the redeemed saints are set to secure in the Zion Mission, the institutional power of the coming kingdom of their Lord.
This calls to mind another interesting witness of the “keepers of time,” one that tells of the outstanding career opportunities offered by the Microsoft empire built by Bill Gates, an easily disregarded but already noted type of Christ, the global President of this coming mega organisation. In one edition of their providential Time 100 Series, they wrote: “If postwar America [a type of the post-Armageddon world] of the 1950s and ‘60s democratized middle-classness, Gates has democratized filthy richness [excuse the language] – or has at least started to. Get the right job offer from Microsoft, work hard, get rich; no miracles required… The Gates Road to Wealth is still a one-laner, and traffic is limited. But the idea that a successful corporation should enrich [did you hear it] not merely its executives and big stockholders but also a fair number of ordinary line employees is (although not unique to Microsoft) potentially revolutionary. Wealth is good. Gates has created lots and has been willing to share.”[1]
That’s a truly interesting and highly revealing witness. The Microsoft Corporation is only one company in just one business area, but the Zion Mission will comprise countless such organisations in diverse areas. And the mega-pay-package of its armies of employees, the Zion missionaries, will be according to the “harmonised ranking structure.” See what we are talking about? As any knowledgeable person knows, the universal ticket to the “good life” is a great and secure job! (See also I Timothy 4:8.)
The diverse establishments – governmental and otherwise – of the Zion Mission that will deliver these dreamiest of jobs to the saints in the kingdom are the literal forms of the “cities” over which the Lord promised them authority of differing degrees, as we learnt from the Parable of the Ten Pounds in my article Pound Wise. Just as the pounds that the saints receive from their Lord are not literal, so also would the kingdom rewards for our stewardship with the same not necessarily be authority over literal cities. And just as the spiritual pounds (the spiritual gifts) that we receive are diverse, so also would the nature of these figurative cities that we would be given authority in be diverse.
Of course not all the establishments of the Zion Mission will be profit oriented. But the coffers of the profit-making ones would be so greatly overflowing into the common treasury to ensure that the abundant operational funds and super-attractive remuneration scale go round the fold. This would ensure that every component of the Mission focuses on its primary responsibility without undue concerns about revenue generation, which is one of the great challenges, and sometimes liabilities, of institutions of the present time.
So if you have heard it being said that Christians ought to prosper and dominate their fields of endeavour, and the realities of the present time have given you cause to question its truthfulness, what we are speaking of here should forever settle the issue for you. It is about putting things in the right place. These dream jobs of the Zion missionaries in the kingdom is the primary means through which the “hundredfold” reward of the Lord’s golden promise to them will be fulfilled. Recall the words of the wise one about the knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the Lord that they possess: “Length of days is in her right hand; and in her left hand riches an honour”! (Proverbs 3:16.)
The circumstances of the redeemed missionaries’ engagement in the kingdom will not be like we have today, where job seekers shun opportunities in fields more suitable for them to pursue others, simply because the latter offer better pay cheques. In other words, a teaching “colonel” at a “Zion University,” for instance, will be earning just as much as his counterpart at the “Bank of Zion” or any other highly profitable establishment of the Zion Mission. And this is not to imply that all the establishments of the Mission will bear the “Zion” tag.
The missionaries with their diverse capacities would normally be the seed manpower of the various institutions and establishments of the Zion Mission. As time proceeds, however, competent ones among the mortal population who have been trained and tested will be absorbed. Needless to say that preference would be given to those who have been receptive and faithful to the core religious drive of the Mission – that is, the faithful mortal members of “the Church” of that time. This will be an incentive for the people to yield themselves to the King and His global Mission.
Of course the mortal population of that time will also have their own businesses and holdings. Nevertheless, the lion’s share and the most fertile tracts of the kingdom will belong to the King and His Mission. Besides, as I noted in my previous article, the Zion Mission will eventually possess the entire earth and all its riches, the ultimate purpose being the realization of the promised New Earth. “Ask of me,” the Almighty has decreed, “and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession” (Psalm 2:8).
In closing I will emphasise that this concentration of the “wealth of nations” in the hands of the saints in the kingdom would be for the good of the global society. These are people who have been thoroughly refined and know how to use their possessions for the best interest of mankind. And they would be thusly respected and admired by the honourable mortal citizens of the kingdom. The Bible speaks of the “day” “when he [Christ] shall come to be glorified in his saints, and to be admired in all them that believe” (see II Thessalonians 1:10). Amen.
There’s indeed an incomparable time ahead of the saints of our Lord. As the apostle wrote, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. But God hath revealed them unto us by his Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God (I Corinthians 2:9,10). So keep the faith and remain posted.
God bless you always.
In the King’s Service,     
David Olagoke Olawoyin.

NB: My coming book THE COMING GLORY presents a more detailed and chronological examination of this awesome kingdom agenda of the Almighty that we have been peeping into on this site. The manuscript has been completed and a publisher or sponsor is being sort for. I appeal to you to join me in prayer for this purpose.

[1] Time magazine 7 December 1998, Page 116


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