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Pray for America, Pray for the Church – A Striking Allegory of the Need for Redirection

I recently read a thought-provoking article by the “notorious” Umair Haque, whom I once likened to a “prophet without a Bible.” The article, “How Trickle-Down Economics Destroyed America,” takes on a not-so-pretty and somewhat scary underside of the United States. Its revelations are more reason for us to earnestly pray for this land of great promise, which in some ways embodies the hope of the world.   But the most striking aspect of Haque’s article about “God’s Own Country” is that I see in it an allegory of the professing Christian church. Indeed, we must pray for a revival of both church and state (see 1 Timothy 2:1-3).   You should read the entire article . But here's an excerpt that briefly but aptly captures the said allegory: This is what Grand Experiments do. They produce establishments more committed to the success of the experiment than they are to ever checking very much whether reality squares up with it. It happened in the Soviet Union, it happened in Nazi Germ