Coming Book

To read a synopsis and sample chapters of my coming book, THE EVOLUTION OF ETERNITY, and vote for its publication by a publisher, please follow the process below:
1. Go to the page of the book on the publisher’s acquisition website by clicking this link:
2. Click the “back the book” tab on the right side of the book’s page.
3. Fill the simple REGISTRATION FORM on the new page that appears.
4. Check your email for the activation mail that will be immediately sent to you and click the activation link in it. If you can’t find the mail in your inbox, please CHECK YOUR SPAM MAIL FOR IT.
5. Return to the website and LOG IN with the email address you used to register using this link:
6. Reopen the page of the book on the website with this link:
7. Click the “back the book” tab on the right side of the page AGAIN. Make sure the screen refreshes after clicking. IF NOT, PLEASE CLICK AGAIN AND AGAIN UNTIL THE PAGE REFRESHES.
8. There is also a tab with a row of six stars that you could use to “rate the book.” The higher the number of stars you choose, the higher the rating of the book.
You’re done! Thank you very much. The Lord bless you always!