Bethel Literary Initiative

(NB: We have secured an Internet domain for the Bethel Literary Initiative and a dedicated website is under construction. Until the site is ready to be launched, the Initiative will be hosted on this page.)
It has been some 10 years since we were inspired with the vision of the Bethel Literary Initiative (BETHLIN). We have patiently carried and nurtured it. Finally, we thought it was time to get up and run with it! Our steps are still feeble, but we are stepping out all the same. The mission is: To discover, network and nurture the development of gifted Christian writers, and create a first-rate and wholesomely rewarding Christian writing and publishing landscape in Nigeria and all Africa. 

The facets of the initiative are as follows: 
  • Bethel Writing Challenge (periodic writing contests)
  • Bethel Digest (a magazine)
  • Bethel Writers Network
  • Bethel Writing Course
  • Bethel Editorial and Literary Service
  • Bethel Publishers
  • Bethel Reading Campaign

It is our expectation that the BETHEL LITERARY INITIATIVE would eventually metamorphose into the BETHEL LITERARY INSTITUTE (BETHLIN).

It would be our pleasure to share the detailed BETHLIN proposal with potential sponsors and partners. For further information, please contact us through or .

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